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Why L&L?

There are a lot of good bath bombs out there. But just like any other product you as a customer get to choose what you like best. If you like; locally made, handmade, fresh and natural ingredients, long lasting, popular scents, scents that make your whole bathroom smell good, good quality without paying a high price, and environmentally friendly packing then L&L Bath Bombs might be a good fit for you.

Check out some of our reviews!

Paint Abstract Green
Paint Abstract Blue

These bath bombs are the best! They smell amazing and are made with natural ingredients. I love them and highly recommend you try them!

-Customer From Madison, Wisconsin

Paint Abstract Pink

Love these bath bombs! They smell great, feel great and are so reasonably priced. Thank you so much!!

-Customer from Belleville, WI.

Best bath bombs I’ve ever used...they last a long time and make your skin feel wonderful!!!

-Customer from New Glarus, WI.

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